Nice black curtain take a different feeling in our house

Nice black curtain take a different feeling in our house
Many people know the black curtains have a good effect in shading, especially in the summer , choose a black Blackout Curtains can achieve a good effect of blocking the strong sunlight, nasty glare does not appear to affect the normal life and work conditions precisely because the black curtain special effects, more and more people like it, not only that, but also gives a solemn black feeling, while the effect of noise is quite good . In many business establishments also been widely used.

Navy Star Printed Kids Room Cute Blackout Curtains

Then how shall we match black curtains? when the first black curtain choose to try to use black white, then black and white with each other, make the results clear, with a line type of furniture, so it will not be too monotonous, it is very dull, as long as a good grasp of the ratio of black and white, it will look neat, otherwise it will disorganized. If still not satisfied, you can still appropriate with a number of other colors, toned.
There are a lot of styles of black curtains, colors have been fixed in a solemn black, but the exact style curtains on many changes, but also to meet the different needs of different consumers, to bring a lot of room for choice. Some people like the black curtain with the characters, so the effect is very good, and some people like not all black curtain, with a number of other colors, colorful in black, look very good visual effect. No matter how collocation, in short, is to meet a principle that does not make taboo and consumer satisfaction, this will make consumers satisfied with the product, in order to make their londonlace curtains occupy a certain share of the market.http://www.lightinhome.com/navy-star-printed-kids-room-cute-blackout-curtains-p-133.html

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Cleaning and maintenance of the curtains

Cleaning and maintenance of the curtains
The curtains are very common in our life, the curtains have a lot of functions in our life, which can protcet the privacy, block the sunlight, and make your house look more beautiful and so on, but the curtains are easy get dirty, so its very important for us to clean the curtains, then how to clean the Faux Silk Curtains, now, i will show you some tips.

Striperd Curtains Bedroom Occasion Pastoral Style With Faux Silk

Different farbic need different ways to wash:
1 We can not clean the curtains with bleach, you can wash the curtains with mild detergent
2 To select a good rotation when choosing a washing machine grade, the best choice for low profile, so as not to avoid dehydration and drying destroy the texture of the curtain itself.
3 Dry naturally, and preferably dried negative
1 Must remember avoid cleaning with bleach.
2 You need to wash the curtains with your hands.
3 Recommended to dry naturally.
4 Lace curtains are yarn, which can not be washed by machine, you should wash the curtains with your hands.
1 You should wash the curtains half a year.
2 The curtains should be washed in the cold water with your hands.
3 After washing the curtains, the curtains should be moist when the fabric is also good to take advantage of the curtains and gracefully pleated degrees, such as the fabric dry in opened.
The curtains are very important in our life, clean kohls curtains can take us wonderful feeling, so its important for you to know the cleaning and maintenance of the curtains.http://www.lightinhome.com/striperd-curtains-bedroom-occasion-pastoral-style-with-faux-silk-p-329.html