Tips to choose Cotton Curtains

I believe many people have heard of Cotton Curtains, in fact, our lives are also always in touch with Cotton Curtains. Cotton Curtains do not have anything special, we often will encounter, but in some cases it is very particular, especially in the time of marriage, old people are very particular about this, but does not allow any slack, which is our Chinese tradition that as a very important part of the culture inside knowledge. Since Cotton Curtains are so important, how to choose a good quality and affordable Cotton Curtains, here I will introduce for you.

First, it is to look at the packaging. Check the label to see whether there is a regular on the product label manufacturers, for example, which manufacturers, specifications, labels should pay attention to whether the information completely, and some labels not comprehensive, standards, etc. we must consider whether or not the regular factory produced product.

The second is to look at the appearance and workmanship. Good quality of workmanship can feel uniform, clear printing without breaking chapter, if there is scarcity of product texture disorganized and Sewing poor phenomenon, it is likely to be inferior products can not be purchased.

Third, the selection of patterns. If the product has obvious odor smells, then do not buy, there is to select a lighter color, if the color is deep, the friction force can either fade, if under the friction force it is eaily fade the it is not worth buying.

Fourth, handling change, especially Cotton Curtains contains a lot of bacteria, we must remember to be replaced to prevent bacterial infection.


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