Buy Patterned Curtains should pay more attention to "inner beauty"

Curtain has now not only a home improvement materials, and for many owners, the curtains are more seen as adecorations, although many owners in the decoration will buy all kinds of curtains, but for the Patterned Curtains to buy, I believe that many owners are still no ideal. So, we look for buy Patterned Curtains skills now !

The World Health Organization has been identified as a carcinogen formaldehyde class has become China's newly renovated main pollutants in urban households, more than 60 percent of the newly renovated home of formaldehyde in the indoor environment more than the national control standards. But most consumers only know of formaldehyde from wood-based panels for use in home decoration, flooring or furniture, but do not know the commonly used interior decoration fabrics, curtains and fabric furniture, formaldehyde can also cause contamination of the indoor environment.

Currently on the market for safety and quality curtains too, but off ? Often be the status quo in the city to buy curtains for the consumer, China Interior Decoration Association Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center, the curtains on the market on the part of the experiment were compared, the results show there are species of the sample portion detecting a quantity of formaldehyde. The experiment samples were taken and are already on the market, and the sample exposed to the air for some time, still found formaldehyde should attract the attention of consumers.

When buying Patterned Curtains to note:
1, smelling odor. If the product exudes the odor stimulus, there might be residual formaldehyde, it is best not to buy;
2, pick colors. When selecting colors to choose light colors is appropriate, such as formaldehyde, color fastness excessive risk will be smaller ;
3, see varieties. In the purchase by the shrink, wrinkle resistant, soft, very flat and so when finishing fabrics and curtains products to be careful, pay attention to the fabric label is marked formaldehyde content.

Curtain is a very important part of the renovation, the owners can not ignore it when they have to buy one.



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